Chemtool offers a wide variety of lubricating greases to meet all your needs. We manufacture Lithium, Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex, Calcium, OBCS, Polyurea, Clay/Bentone and Silicone greases for multiple market industries.


Chemtool Fluids are an ideal choice for facilities machining tool and carbon steels, cast and nodular iron, stainless steel alloys, aluminum automotive alloys and copper/brass alloys.


Chemtool offers a wide variety of lubricating greases to meet all your needs. If you desire to increase your sales to a point which justifies creation of your own brand, we stand by ready to assist you in the transition.

Reliable Service

Chemtool Incorporated protecting the promiseChemtool Incorporated and its employees are committed to provide the best quality product, service and technical support that our customers require and to deliver these in a timely, safe and cost effective manner. We are further committed to continually improve our quality management system, product, processes and level of customer satisfaction.

Superior Performance

Chemtool Incorporated superior performanceChemtool provides specialized branded products and worldwide distribution with customized sales support and field service for its customers. Dedicated to providing quality products at the most favorable cost advantage to our customers. We serve as a direct supplier of branded chemicals and lubricants to OEM, Aftermarket and Manufacturing Facilities worldwide.


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Dear Valued Customer, Chemtool Incorporated is committed to provide accurate and timely Regulatory Support for our customers. To help our customers prepare for the new GHS Regulations, we are sending this letter to provide you [Read More]

Chemtool Cleaners

cleaners-smll Chemtool offers a line of cleaners proven to be an asset with respect to removing the tenacious soils found in and on heavy duty diesel engines offered for re-manufacture. Our heavy duty caustic cleaners remove baked on oily/greasy soils and corrosion found on cast iron engine blocks, bell housings, crankshafts and heads.