Safety and Health Policy

People are our most important asset . . . their safety is our greatest responsibility. It is the policy of our company that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthful place to work. Chemtool employees have a right to expect to be provided with a proper place to work, as well as proper machines and tools to do the job. The employee will then be able to devote his or her energies to the work in a safe environment.

Only under such circumstances can the association between employee and employer be mutually profitable and harmonious. It is our desire and intention to provide a safe workplace, safe equipment, proper materials, and to establish and insist on safe methods and practices at all times. It is the basic responsibility for all of us is to make the safety of human beings a part of our daily and hourly concern. This responsibility must be accepted by each one who conducts the affairs of the company, regardless of the capacity in which he or she functions.

Employees are expected to use the safety equipment provided. Rules of conduct and rules of safety shall be observed. Safety equipment must not be destroyed or abused. The joint cooperation of employees and management in the observance of this policy will provide safe working conditions and accident-free performance to our mutual advantage. We consider the safety of our personnel to be of the utmost importance. Download HSES Policy

Environmental Policy

As a responsible business leader in the industry, Chemtool is committed to complying with accepted environmental practices, including:

• Incorporate environmental aspects as an integral part of our business decision making process.
• Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, permits and other requirements.
• Promote conservation of resources by reusing, recycling and adopting processes that conserve the use of raw materials and energy.
• Develop employee knowledge and understanding of environmental issues related to job functions for employees, contractors and others working on Chemtool’s behalf..
• Minimize the creation of wastes and pollution.
• Strive for continual improvement in our environmental management system.
• Communicate this environmental policy to all employees and make it available to the public.
• Employ statistical techniques to continually improve the consistency of products and processes.
• Develop quality partnerships with our customers and suppliers to improve product effectiveness and enhance our understanding of mutual needs and opportunities.
• Chemtool’s commitment to quality is fully endorsed by all employees and implemented on a company-wide basis.

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Quality Policy

Chemtool Incorporated and its employees are committed to providing the best quality products, services and technical support that each customer requires and to deliver these in a timely, safe and cost efficient manner. We are further committed to continually improve our quality management system, products, processes and level of customer satisfaction.
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Quality Statement

Chemtool Incorporated will provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We will manage and continually improve our business processes to meet our quality objectives.

Quality Awards

• ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Regulatory Support

• Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) in 32 languages
• Container Labeling
• Shipping and transport regulations
• REACH Only Representative Service for European imports
• Declarations of REACH conformity
• Product Registrations