Our Chemical Management team supports the objectives of the customer. These programs range from weekly or bi-weekly site visits, to a comprehensive fluid management program requiring on site employees to perform the daily responsibilities of purchasing, inventory, managing, monitoring, testing and servicing all chemicals and processes. In many cases we provide the necessary data for the form R and SARA reporting requirements.

Our Chemical Management team continuously evaluates “best available technology” to facilitate our customers’ objective of producing the best quality products while leveraging their manufacturing costs. We achieve this objective by using the “risk and reward” metric and “best practice” in standardizing products, processes and procedures.

We reduce administrative burdens related to the chemical management process by:

1) Identifying continuous improvement opportunities by:
• Reporting and communicating your programs progress weekly, monthly, and annually.
• Providing maintenance of a database of all products covered by the program.

2) We Provide Qualified Site Managers & Chemical Technicians to manage the programs
• Develop partnership relationships with Tier II suppliers.

For Example:
Most programs require our complete responsibility for all chemicals and lubricants used in the manufacturing process. What began as a procurement initiative has evolved into the outsourcing of the management and administration of complex lubricant/chemical programs.