ALC 50 
# 4101200000-CT3E74
55 Gallon Drum
# 4101200000-CT5E74
5 Gallon Pail

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ALC 50 is a water based, low-temperature alkaline cleaner and conditioner (contains biocidal additives) designed for the internal and external cleaning of metalworking fluid sumps and systems. It is designed and formulated for the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants and irritating odors from sumps, barges, lines, and water treatment systems. ALC 50 is used to flush and clean metalworking machine sumps and system components prior to recharging with fresh coolant or as an additive to control odors. It is engineered to condition metalworking fluids for extended use prior to cleaning and replacement.

ALC 50 specialty cleaning and performance additives exhibit enhanced detergency/dispersing properties for the effective and timely removal of oil-based contaminants, swarf, and microbiological growth present in sumps and coolant lines. ALC 50 is also recommended for water treatment, recycling, and cooling systems. ALC 50 is completely triazine and formaldehyde free.

The old metalworking fluid should be drained from the sump or system. Also, attempt to remove all swarf, debris, and dirt from all machine surfaces, transfer lines, floor trenches, filter mechanisms, and the sides of the sump, barge, or mix tank. Failure to do this could result in immediate contamination of the new metalworking fluid immediately after charging. Always use the proper personal protective equipment.

The sump or system should then be recharged with water and ALC 50. For systems which are relatively clean, charge the ALC 50 at 2.0% by volume. For dirtier systems, charge between 3.0-5.0% by volume. Hot water should be used if possible, at least for the initial charge. The sump/system should be filled with a sufficient volume of diluted cleaner to reach all system surfaces, so the cleaner volume reaches a fluid level above the level normally maintained for the coolant.

Circulation time will depend on the system size. For individually sumped machines of 100 gallons or less, the cleaner solution should be circulated for at least four to eight hours. For larger systems, especially central systems of 1000 gallons or larger, the cleaner solution should be circulated for at least 24 hours. Attempt to wash or hose down all machine surfaces, floor trenches, transfer lines, and filter mechanisms with the cleaner solution to ensure the effective removal of all dirt, debris, contaminants, and biomass.

ALC 50 may also be added to the contaminated fluid prior to dumping the system. Utilize the same system concentration recommendations as described earlier based upon the degree of system contamination. Also, utilize the same circulation parameters as listed above. Follow with an aggressive aqueous rinse. If the rinse water solution exhibits a high degree of contamination, especially biomass, a second cleaning sequence may be necessary.

• High detergency multi-purpose hard system cleaner
• Low use concentrations ensure low consumption and cost effectiveness
• Balanced detergency/surfactant package providing added cleaning power beyond normal high alkaline system cleaners
• Safe on all metals
• Safely and effectively dislodges and removes both inorganic, organic, and biological residues and deposits
• Balanced corrosion inhibitor regime for all metals
• Bio-dispersant component for effective removal of biological contaminants
• Moderate alkalinity with use pH range of 9.00-9.50

• Super-compliant for California SCAQMD Rule 1144
• Pratt and Whitney: PMC 1244 Rev. A Cleaner, Metalworking fluid sump

Fluid Type   Alkaline cleaner
Appearance   Clear, light amber liquid
Odor   Mild
Specific Gravity   1.035
pH (neat)   10.0
pH (5% dilution)   9.5
Solubility   Complete in water, forms clear solution
Rinsability   Excellent with water
VOC, ASTM 1868   23.0 grams/liter


Larzip 15 (OEM) 
# 4121000000-CT3936
55 Gallon Drum

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Larzip 15 is a concentrated liquid alkaline cleaner used primarily in industrial applications for in-process cleaning of ferrous metals. Larzip 15 is also highly effective for rust removal, paint stripping, and zinc phosphate removal. 

Larzip 15 is ideally suited for facilities requiring a high degree of cleanliness on their ferrous and steel materials. Larzip 15 should always be added to the water in the washer.

• Extremely low foaming characteristics ideal for high pressure spray and pressure washers
• Exceptional hard water stability keeps washers clean. Ideal for removal of stearates and rust
• Lean concentrations assure low consumption and cost effectiveness
• Contains no phosphates, nitrites, or silicones

• Super-compliant for California SCAQMD Rule 1144
• Ford TOX 015206 Certified

Fluid Type   Alkaline cleaner
Appearance   Straw colored liquid
Odor   Mild
Specific Gravity, 60°F (15.6°C)   1.35
Weight, 60°F (15.6°C)   11.3 lbs/gal.
pH (1% dilution)   13.5
Foaming Tendency   None
VOC, ASTM 1868   Nil