NuSol® Alumax is a non-chlorinated technology for the machining of non-ferrous metals and exotic alloys. NuSol Alumax is formulated for all machining operations on all metals but is specifically designed to machine today’s tougher non-ferrous and aluminum alloys. NuSol Alumax is manufactured using a proprietary blending process that incorporates many unique characteristics into the product that will promote high productivity rates and minimal downtime for the end user.

NuSol Alumax is formulated using a blend of unique preformed emulsions that possess a very small particle size and which demonstrate outstanding hydrodynamic lubrication fro high-speed machining. This small particle size provides a very durable and uniform lubricant film, enhanced wetting and coverage, a very clean running fluid, and exceptional hard water stability for enhanced machining performance on non-ferrous and aluminum alloys. NuSol Alumax preformed emulsions are further complemented with the presence of a surfactant package, offering enhanced boundary lubrication and fluid detergency and cleanliness.

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  • Resistant to “Monday Morning Odors.” The biostable chemistry maintains the pH eliminating objectionable odors.
  • Excellent corrosion protection for all tooling, equipment, and parts.

  • Exceptional lubricant film strength for increased tool life and finish on all metals.

  • Extremely small particle size for superior wetting and coverage on all metals.

  • Excellent hard water stability.

  • High degree of cleanliness and no reportable VOC’s for operator acceptance.

  • Halogen free.

  • Excellent rejection of process oils and system contaminants.

  • Low foaming.

  • Excellent tolerance and micro-finish control at speed up to 10,000 RPM.

  • Higher viscosity oils offer improved boundary lubrication without heavy oil content reducing coolant carry-off and providing a cleaner machine interior.

  • High flash point oils eliminate mist and evaporation that reduces coolant cost and promotes a healthy work environment.

  • Proven history of being operator safe.

  • Tramp oil rejection eliminates a source for bacteria and rancid odors that reduces sump change outs, disposal costs, and machine downtime.

  • Non-chlorinated