CT 400 HTO 
# 7109400000-CT2017
275 Gallon Tote
# 7109400000-CT3006
55 Gallon Drum

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CT 400 HTO is a premium heat transfer oil formulated with a severely hydrotreated paraffinic base oil, an anti-oxidant, and an anti-coke/sludge additive to provide low maintenance and solid performance over an extended operating life.

• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
• High flash and fire point
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Low viscosity provides for greater efficiency

• Super-compliant for California SCAQMD Rule 1144
• Chrysler Approved Heat Transfer Oil – MPN: 471502638

Appearance   Clear, amber liquid
Specific Gravity, 60°F (15.6°C)   0.8703
Viscosity, 40°C   32.8 cSt
Pour Point   -5°F (-20°C)
Flash Point (COC)   420°F (215°C)
Fire Point (COC)   450°F (232°C)
Auto Ignition   675°F (357°C)
Maximum Operating Temp
(closed system)
  500°F (260°C)
VOC, ASTM 1868   6.3 grams/liter

Chemtool Incorporated has provided quality solutions for many casting customers for over 45 years. The primary benefit of our heat transfer fluids is that they provide your system with superior oxidation and thermal stability which allow for longer high temperature operating times. Our heat transfer products have played an integral role in keeping our customers lean, safe and ahead of the curve in their manufacturing process.

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