Chemtool Incorporated is a premier manufacturer of grease in the United States. Grease has played an important role in our company’s past, present and future. We continue to make investments in infrastructure to continuously improve the quality of the products we provide to our customers. Grease manufacturing facilities are closing all over the world, while we have increased our grease production to meet the demand. We intend to be a global grease manufacturing partner. We are positioning ourselves in line to grow the business in concert with our customers’ demands.

Today’s manufacturing facilities depend upon the reliability of their equipment. Each piece of machinery is looked upon as an asset that must be in production. A key to keeping the asset in production is the gear and lubricating oils that it uses. The lubrication that is used should provide longer tool life, which in turn increases profitability and keeps the manufacturer competitive. Chemtool Incorporated, through its investment in technology, the never-ending drive for innovation, and our vast experience provides some of the finest gear products available.

Manufacturing economies are being judged on a number of different levels. Every aspect of a factory’s operation is being evaluated. For instance, the cost of fluid, its life cycle and the disposal of the product are being closely scrutinized by plant managers every day. Chemtool Incorporated has become a manufacturing partner to a number of customers. Our customers look to us to provide superior technology, performance, innovation, and expertise. All our metalworking fluids are designed specifically for today’s demanding precision applications such as cutting, tapping, broaching and grinding of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our world is ever-changing. New environmental regulations are changing the way we clean our facilities, wash our manufactured parts and treat the waste byproducts of our efforts. Companies need to be more aware of what products they use to keep their plant clean, their parts ready to ship, and what impact its disposal has on our environment and their pocketbooks. Our cleaners (including Bio-Based/Bio-Degradable) have played an integral role in keeping our customers lean, safe and ahead of the curve in their manufacturing processes.

Chemtool Incorporated has a complete line for all rust preventive applications. The product line of rust preventives ranges from short to long-term storage solutions, outside covered or uncovered and rust removers. As well as, water-based, vapor phase, high viscosity and non-ferrous formulas designed for a range of applications. Chemtool’s range of application techniques: dip, brush spray, roll, and flow coat. A Chemtool team of sales engineers and chemists provide both typical and atypical solutions to solve rust challenges unique to a specific industry’s needs.

When one thinks of quenchants it is common for fire, dense smoke and intense heat come to mind. Typically one would not think of an orderly cooling process. However, quenching is a very precise science that treats extremely hot ferrous and nonferrous manufactured parts. Quenching cools the parts at a calculated temperature rate, allowing the piece to take on a desired metallurgical property. The science of quenching is very precise; the process to obtain the desired metallurgical property can take many turns.

Our experience and innovations have enabled plants like yours to run much more efficiently. We produce all the releases, specialty chemicals, and lubricants involved in your die cast operation. We work as your diecast partner. As a team member, we take over the responsibility for the initial survey, product recommendation, testing, and implementation. We understand all aspects of how your diecast program works. We have a wide range of products that cover your needs starting with our diecast release and plunger lubricants to the finished end product. We carry lubricants that work in a wide range of temperatures (300°F to 600°F), enabling you to use one source for all your die lubricant needs.

Chemtool’s reman expertise has proven to significantly lower operating costs as much as 40 to 50%. We have a full line of products designed to efficiently and effectively return end of life components to same-as-new condition, thereby reducing waste, improving the environment and minimizing the need for new raw materials. Unique technology/chemistry makes our products to remove EGR carbon the best in the industry.